Waste Not Solutions

Tailored organic waste management solutions

Innovative – Responsible – Local


Waste Not Solutions is a specialist provider of organic waste management solutions.


We are a professional, dedicated team committed to solutions that embody our values, including environmental and corporate responsibility, strengthening communities and transparency.


We offer:

·         Organic waste analysis and consultancy services

·         Design, construction and delivery of tailored composting systems

·         Operational support of waste collection and compost distribution

·         Systems servicing and support

·         Education and training

·         Integrated programs involving your people, partners and community


Our standard solution employs medium-scale in-vessel aerobic composting devices:

·         Locally engineered and constructed

·         Highly efficient, modular and scaleable

·         Secure, robust, low-odour and pest free

·         Low input-energy requirements

·         Exploit natural bio-chemical composting processes

·         Sited on your or affiliate’s premises

·         Tailored exterior designs



















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